Effectively Using Granite Countertops in Outdoor Kitchens

In the natural stone category, granite is the most preferred material to create countertops all across the globe. Regardless of the kitchen size (spacious or confined) and location (interior, semi-open or fully open), granite performs well in any situation. Though granite is found in many parts of the world, it is the Indian granite that […]

Advantages of Granite Kitchen Countertops

Indisputably, granite is the most-used natural stone to create countertops, especially in kitchens. Such popularity of granite countertops can be credited to some of its unique characteristics that are rare to be found in other natural stones. Other way round, we can also say that granite has several advantages over other stones that make it […]

Popular Finishes in Granite

In the recent years, granite has become a preferred choice for creating countertops. In addition to its stunning beauty, other reasons that contribute to its popularity include durability, strength, stain resistance, and ability to withstand extreme temperatures and pH conditions. As soon as we imagine granite countertop, the very first image that strikes our mind […]

Tips for Buying Granite

Granite is one of the popular natural stones, which is widely used in the construction industry. Across the world, around 100 different varieties of granite are available with each being unique in terms of design patterns, shades and color combinations. It is regarded as one of the most durable stones and a great choice for […]

New Kashmir White Granite

Undoubtedly, granite is one of the most popular materials for interior and exterior detailing or decoration. Whether in the form of floor tile, countertop or wall cladding, this natural stone easily boosts the décor of any space with its unique design patterns and amazing color combinations. Indian has large reserves of granite, both in the […]

North Indian Granite Varieties, Manufacturers & Exporters

India holds one of the world’s largest reserves of usable natural stones, i.e., dimensional stones like marble, sandstone, slate and granite. Among all these, Indian granite is one such stone, which is in huge demand all across the world. Available in multiple colors and patterns, granite bears some really impressive properties that altogether make it a great […]

Granite Manufacturers in South India

Granite is an igneous rock, which is granular in texture and occurs in various shades of white, grey and pink. In terms of volume, granite is nearly 65% of alkali feldspar and about 20% of quartz. Owing to its impressive properties like hardness, toughness and durability; it has been used by human beings right from […]

The Fashionable and Decorative Ghiblee Granite

Granite pleases every eye even when found in the raw state. After cutting, honing and polishing the rock, it becomes more appealing as a natural stone offered by nature. It looks awesome and encourages people to use it in kitchen, bathrooms, walls and landscape designing. Ghiblee is one of the granite  variants known for its long-lasting […]